Asphalt roofing consists of asphalt-saturated shingles made up of fiberglass or other materials that have been covered in asphalt. This is one of the most common types of roofing used in North America. They come in many shapes, colors and styles – giving you several options to choose from! We provide both Architectural and Designer Shingle Asphalt Roofing.   

- PROS -

  • Quick and easy to put up and tear down, therefore a lower cost to install.  

  • These shingles have a reflective top surface that help deflect UV rays. These can help keep air conditioning costs lower during the hot summer months. 

  • Some fiberglass shingles are fairly fire resistant – making it more difficult for sparks to spread.

  • Most asphalt shingles are algae resistant


Architectural shingles Architectural shingles are easy to install, easy to maintain and they’re flame retardant. These shingles are thick, heavy and very durable – withstanding high wind speeds. These shingles are the most common on residential homes and are also the most cost effective! 


Designer Asphalt Shingles get their name from their curbside appeal. These shingles can give off the look of slate tiles or cedar shake wood.  They are the heaviest weight, provide a wide variety of colors, come in different shape and have the highest wind rating! They do tend to be the most expensive, but it shows!


Weather Shield Roofing LLC provides the following ​types of Owens Cornering Shingles: 

  • Duration Series Shingles

  • Oakridge Architectural Shingles

  • Berkshire Shingles

  • Devonshire Shingles

  • Woodcrest Shingle

 * GAF and Certainteed Upon Request*